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Development of Instructional Model to Enhance the Transfer of Learning into Actions for Technical Education Students

Haripon Thammanarak, Krismant Wattananarong, Kanda Phunlapthawee


The purposes of this study were1) to develop an instructional model to enhance the transfer of learning into actions for technical education students, 2) to investigate the teaching and learning outcomes 3) to compare the students’ learning achievement, and 4) to investigate the students’ opinions. This research comprised of two steps: 1) developing an instructional model to enhance the transfer of learning into actions and evaluate the model by using a panel of experts, and 2) implementing the teaching and learning activities. The samples were 34 first-year undergraduate students, Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Changrai, in the academic year 2013. Data were analyzed by using percentage, mean, standard deviation, a t-test statistic, and content analysis methods. The results revealed that the developed model consisted of four main components as follows; Preparation, Transfer of learning into actions, Evaluation, and Feedback. The procedure in the component of transfer of learning into actions consisted of five steps. They were the steps of activation the learning experience, awareness, skill augmentation, skill upgrading, and adaptation respectively. The experts evaluated the developed model at the “highest” level. The posttest students’ scores of abilities to transfer the learning into actions and abilities to work were higher than a criterion at the significant level of .01. The achievement or posttest mean score was higher than the pretest mean score at the significant level of .01. The students rated their opinions toward the developed model at a “high” level.


Instructional Model; Transfer of Learning; Abilities to Work

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