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Development of Printed Media on the Topic of Candle Printed Sticking Design’s Burapha Temple Craftsmen for Candle Festival Conservation Community Learning Sources of Burapha Temple at Ubon Ratchathani Province

Danai Sanhajantra, Theerapong Wiriyanon


The objectives of this research are 1) To develop integrated media on the topic of candle printed artwork of Burapha temple style including its performance evaluation, 2) To study the learning effectiveness of participants after learn from integrated media and 3) To study learner satisfaction on integrated media. There are 132 participants obtained by random sampling from villagers and tourist. The media as experimental tools are posters, pamphlets and tutorial books. Media contents are categorized into three topics: 1) Candle Festival consists of history and belief, 2) Candle printed artwork of Burapha temple style consists of communities and identity and 3) Details of crafting. Media creation process consists of 1) Analysis of media characteristics, 2) Design Framework, 3) Conceptual modeling, 4) Drafting, 5) Refining, 6) Artworking, and 7) Publishing. An experiment on learning effectiveness and learner satisfaction is conducted using our integrated media. Statistical analysis on this experiment are arithmetic mean and standard deviation. The findings reveal that our integrated media has promising quality indicated by 88.86 of mean that higher than expected mean (80.00) with high degree of learner satisfaction.


Printed Media; Candle Festival Conservation

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