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Innovation of Histopathologic Diagnostic Skills Program for Medical Students

Suchada Katedee, Charun Sanrach, Thiwaporn Thesawadwong


In the age of computer technology increasing significant role in human life. Computer technology is widely used to encourage students in the learning. For medical education, pathology is the subjects that difficult to understand and use as self-learning. Most medical students often lack the skills to diagnose by microscope. The objectives of this research were to develop a training program for increasing diagnosis skill in interpreting histopathology images on web for medical students called “Histopathologic Diagnostic Skills Program” (HDSP), and to evaluate the medical faculties’ satisfaction of and medical students’ satisfaction after using the HDSP. This methodology in research was divided into two phase. The first phase was developing HDSP based on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). SDLC had five steps: planning, analyzing, designing, testing and maintaining. The second phase was evaluate medical faculties’ satisfaction in using HDSP. Ten medical faculties and thirty medical students was selected based on purposive sampling. HDSP and five-level Likert scale questionnaire was used as tools in evaluation. Mean and standard deviation were used to analyze data. The results of this study consisted of two parts. The first part was the HDSP program. The second part was the medical faculties’ satisfaction of and medical students’ satisfaction in using the HDSP. For the first part, the HDSP program consisted of two user mode: medial faculties and medical students. The medical faculties’ mode was divided into five functions: Pathologic components, Pathologic features, Patient cases, examination setup, and examination results. The medical students’ mode had two functions: exercise and statistic after doing exercise. For the second part, the level of medical faculties’ satisfaction was high ( 4.50, 0.34). The highest score of medical faculties’ satisfaction was the usefulness of HDSP. The level of medical students’ satisfaction was high ( 4.41, 0.30). The highest score of medical students’ satisfaction was the function of the HDSP program.


Diagnostic skills; Analysis; Histopathology; Medical students

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