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The Development of Teacher Training Program to Construct Self-learning Packages for Integrated Instruction of Students with Professional Experience Transfer according to the Vocational Education Curriculum

Patchareeporn Bangkheow, Sobsan Utakrit, Pairote Stirayakorn, Sirirak Ratchusanti


The purposes of this research were: 1) to develop and evaluate the model of integrated self-learning packages for students with professional experience transfer according to the vocational education curriculum and 2) to develop and validate the efficiency of the training program to construct the integrated self-learning packages. The target group in this study were total amount 267 that consisted of administrators, teachers, students of the Office of the Vocational Education Commission and the specialists in vocational education, professional experience transferring. The results of the training model development can be concluded as follows. 1) The self-learning package constructing model consisted of 4 main parts, i.e. needs analysis, content and course analysis, self-learning package constructing and assessment. The specialists rated the appropriateness of the model at the highest level. 2) The developed training program on self-learning package constructing was designed as classroom-based training consisting of both theoretical and practical parts with the training duration of 30 hours and training content consists of six modules of topics. The efficiency of the training program evaluated by CIPP Model can be reported as follows. (1) Context evaluation: to study basic information for training program development was reported by the administrators and teachers very high needs in teacher’s knowledge and skills. (2) Input evaluation: the developed training program was evaluated at very high level of appropriateness with the overall item objective congruence and content validity. (3) Process evaluation: the pre and post training evaluation showed that the achievement of the theoretical part was 85.44 while that of the exercise scores was 83.28, and that of the practical part was 85.47, higher than the set criteria on both theory and practice parts revealing effective training management. (4) Product evaluation: the result of the follow-up study of the trainees showed that they could conduct self-learning package effectively and apply the knowledge in classroom management appropriately. The evaluation was conducted with the experience transfer students; so, it can be concluded that the developed training program was effective in accordance with the set objectives.


The development of training program; self-learning package constructing; teacher training program on self-learning package constructing

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