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Development of Multimedia Lesson to Demonstrate the Using of Application Program on Media Sound Production

Intira Robroo


The purposes of the study were 1) to develop the multimedia lesson to demonstrate the using of application program on media sound production and 2) to compare achievements before and after learning through the lesson. The sample used in the study, researcher choses the student of department of innovation and education technology of Saun Sunandha Rajabhat University who enrolled in course EDT2401 (sound and recording for education) in first semester year 2014 and enrolled in regular education (intact group) 29 persons. 1) The results of efficacy of multimedia course to demonstrate computer created by researchers found that multimedia course to demonstrate is effective in the level that can be used according to objective of the research. 2) The efficacy was 80.09/87.20 that was according to defined hypothesis and achievements of the sample before and after experiment found that the learners who learned with developed multimedia lesson to demonstrate had increase average score achievements (Mean = 12.41, SD = 0.62). When we brought achievements of the sample to comparative analysis to determine the statistical differences before and after experiment by using t-test dependent. The results of achievements were statistically significant difference at the level .05. In conclusion developed multimedia course to demonstrate the using of application program on media sound production increased the leaners’ achievements.


Multimedia Course; Teaching Demonstration

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