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Study of Trip Generation and Color Coding for Land Use A Case study on small densely populated category land use in the overall planning of the Prachinburi city area

Uthaiwan Thongplongto, Supornchai Utainarumol


According to the comprehensive plan, land use is categorized into different colors to symbolize urban planning as specified in the ministerial regulations. Colors for land use include yellow, orange, red, light purple, etc. Each land use color features a variety of activities that influence trip generation. Therefore, the aim of this study is to analyze the rates of trip generation according to each color, and a variety of activities with the primary objective of studying trip generation according to the ministerial regulations, and to develop a trip generation model according to the colors of land use. For the case study, a medium-sized city has been selected together with a particular color for land use the small densely populated category (yellow). The 402 samples selected for the survey have been taken from an area where there are trip generation activities in the yellow zone. Findings from the study show that trip generation in the small densely populated category (yellow) is mostly for residential land use, categorized into detached house/twin house, townhouse/townhome, and row house/commercial building. The factors influencing trip generation differ for each residential category and have been developed into a trip generation model. It can be concluded that the factors influencing trip generation in the small densely populated category (yellow) are: the number of family members, number of vehicles owned by a family, number of family members studying in detached houses/twin houses, number of family members and number of vehicles owned by a family in townhouses/townhomes, number of vehicles owned by a family in row houses/commercial buildings and number of families in each residential group in the yellow zone. The number of vehicles owned by a family has a substantial effect on trip generation in every residential category in small densely populated areas (yellow). The findings from this study and the trip generation model can be used to forecast future trip generation for city development.


Trip generation; Trip rates; Trip generation forecast; Land use

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