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A Synthesis of Student Grouping Model with Different Competency Using Self-Organizing Map Technique

Arthit Kleebrung, Charun Sanrach, Krich Sintanakul


The objectives of this research were 1) to synthesize a Student Grouping Model with Different Competency using Self-Organizing Map Technique (SGM-DCC-SOM) 2) to analyze the result of SGM-DCCSOM. The methodology consisted of five steps: (1) problem analysis (2) model design (3) model development (4) model test and (5) model evaluation. The sample of SGM-DCC-SOM were 100 students of certificate and diploma programs in department of Business Computer, Information Technology, and Electronics. The research instrument used for collecting the data was Professional Qualification Framework in System Developer Level 3 test. The research instrument used for testing the SGM-DCC-SOM was Weka 3.8.0. The synthetic results of SGM-DCC-SOM consisted of four elements; students, competency; clustering; and learning. The result of student analyzes by SGM-DCC-SOM model, we can manage procedures and activities for students, especially a collaborative learning, student and help and support each other and promoted their potentials and competency. The SGMDCC- SOM model can apply to learning activity for more efficiency of learning.


Collaborative Learning; Self-Organizing Map; Competency

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