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A Professional learning Communities in Social Network for Online Innovation Production of Lampang Sports School

Somchai Muangmool


The purposes of this research were: 1) To create a professional learning communities on the social network to develop the teaching innovations of Lampang Sports School. 2) To assess the quality of teacher’s teaching innovations in Lampang Sports School. The target group was 22 teachers who teach in 8 learning areas at Mathayomsuksa 1 – 6. The research instruments consisted of the social network, the evaluation forms for teaching innovations and the record forms. The data was analyzed using the arithmetic mean and standard deviation. The results were as follow : 1) There was a profession learning communities of Lampang Sports School in online community type, and the group’s name was Innovative Community LPSS. Furthermore, the members in the group learnt and shared and accessed the information about how to develop the teaching innovations through the social network. 2) The quality of teacher’s teaching innovation in Lampang Sports School met a criteria at a high level.


Professional learning Communities, Social Network, Innovation

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