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The Development of Training Modules on Basic Pneumatic System for Non-Formal Vocational Education

Paradorn Satienchaiyakij


The objectives of this research were to: 1) develop the training module on basic pneumatic system for non-formal vocational education and 2) conduct the follow-up study of the trainees in their workplaces. The samples in this study include 85 students from Phradabos School in the field of Industrial Technician of batch 42. The research procedures were as follows: (1) developing training module, (2) defining learning model, (3) implementing the training, (4) conducting the follow-up study of the trainees’ performance, (5) defining the trainer’s qualification, and (6) defining the trainees’ qualification. The Instruments used in the research consisted of (1) training module, (2) evaluation form for the suitability of the training module, and (3) evaluation form of training in the workplace. Data analysis using statistics (1) percentage, (2) mean, and (3) standard deviation. The results of the research revealed that: 1) The training module on basic pneumatic system for non-formal vocational education contains the summary of necessary contents for completing the exercises and practicing on the worksheets. The training module also contains clear description with illustrations, exercises for testing and worksheets for the trainers to follow and practice on pneumatic circuit connection. There are also experimental parts with experimental records to explain the operation of each circuit. At the end of each worksheet was equipped with quizzes. The appropriateness training module evaluated by 5 experts was at good level. The average training achievement was 71.78% with the knowledge aspect achievement of 66.70% and 76.86% on the skill achievement. 2) The results of the follow-up study on 4 trainees at their enterprises show that the average achievement is 86.21% with details of each aspect as follows: 90% on personal characteristics, 82.75% on knowledge and skills, 87.75% on duty responsibility, and work achievement at 84.37%.


Training module, basic pneumatic system, non-formal vocational training

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