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Hotel Business Management Model in Higher Educational Institutions

Worravate Thueakthong, Sukarin Yuphong, Teerawut Boonyasophon, Supatta Pinthapataya


The purposes of this research were to 1) determine the major components of hotel business management in higher educational institutions, 2) create a model of hotel business management, and 3) produce a handbook for hotel business management. The research was a qualitative approach using documentary review, observation and dialogue with purposive selection 6 operation staffs in hotel. By in-depth interview, and focus-group, the participants were administrators, professionals, experts, and experienced persons in hotel management amount 13 persons. Besides that the focus group seminar amount 14 persons by content analysis, mean, percent was employed for data analysis. The research revealed that 1) The major components were: (1) hotel management, (2) knowledge and ability in hotel business management and (3) personal characteristics. 2) The model created on relationship between the components of hotel business management and physical, there are 154 key quality indicators (KQI), 34 hotel criteria (C) with 323 key index indicators (K). 3) The handbook comprises 3 chapters. Chapter 1: The importance of the handbook for hotel business management in higher educational institutions. Chapter 2: The concepts of hotel business management in higher educational institutions. Chapter 3: Evaluation of KQI of hotel business management. The handbook was verified by the professionals for its appropriateness in application at the high level.


Management Model, Hotel Business, Key Quality Indicators of Hotel Business Management, Hotel in Higher Educational Institutions

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