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Development of the Government Housing Bank’s Digital Library Model

Chanadda Areewongs, Saroch Sopeerak, Sasichaai Tanamai, Krittanai Thararattanasuwan


The objectives of this research are to study the Government Housing Bank’s digital library model, to construct the digital library model for the Government Housing Bank, and to assess appropriation and certify the digital library model for Government Housing Bank. The research was conducted through 3 steps. The first step was to analyze and synthesize data, information and research works which related to typical library and digital library model in Thailand and other countries, as well as to utilize these findings for conducting in-depth interview with 3 experts, in order to construct design concept of digital library model for Government Housing Bank. The second step was to construct draft of design of the digital library model by using results from the first step, and collected data and comments by using Ethnographic Future Research method from 12 experts of 4 scholarly groups, including library managements, educational technologists, Government Housing Bank managements, and digital library experts, in order to construct the explicit digital library model and its blueprint. The third step was to get acceptances from 3 experts in appropriation and certification of the model and blueprint of digital library. The research found that the digital library model for Government Housing Bank should have 10 components, which the overall assessment results of the Mean value ( x) was at 4.79. For the assessment results in Mean value ( x) of these 10 components were including, corporate policy at 5.00, adopted information technology at 5.00, users at 5.00, accessibility right management at 5.00, document storage at 4.89, operational process at 4.87, Implementers at 4.83, objectives at 4.75, information access at 4.42, and information contents at 4.13 respectively. Eventually, the assessments and certification results of digital library model of Government Housing Bank showed that it was in very good level. Since, these 10 components of the model were explicitness and interrelation among them, the model so that it can be really and qualifiedly adopted to develop and implement the Government Housing Bank’s digital library.


Digital library model, Government Housing Bank, Government Housing Bank’s Digital library

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