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The Study of Influencing Factors on Injuries and Fatality of Bus Rollover Accidents

Prangpen Sornkaew, Nattaporn Charoentham, Sattrawut Ponboon, Kunnawee Kanitpong


The purpose of this research is to study the factors that have Influenced the Injuries and fatalities of bus rollover accidents in the Northeastern region of Thailand. The data of 6 accident cases were collected by an In–depth Accident Investigation method and analyzed by using Binary Logistic Regression Analysis and Ordered Logistic Regression. The results indicated that the elderly passengers, seat position far from the rollover side, front seat position, and a malfunctioning bus had influent on bus passenger fatality. Furthermore, the elderly passengers, seat position far from the rollover side, crashing into other non - guardrail objects and double decker busses also affect on severe injury of bus passenger injury.


<p>rollovered crashed; bus accident; injuries and fatality; Binary Logistic Regression Analysis; Ordered Logistic Regression Analysis</p>

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