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Teacherpreneur Model Development for the Dual Vocational Education System in Thailand

Nuchchada Kohpeisansukwattana, Krismant Whattananarong, Wanlop Pathanapong


The objective of this research study was to develop a teacherpreneur model for the dual vocational education system in Thailand. The model was evaluated by a specialist committee comprised of five specialists in dual vocational education, who serve as members of the Committee on the Development of Assessment Systems for Vocational Education at the Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment. In this study, the collected data were analyzed using the mean, standard deviation and content validity ratio. The outcome of the study led to the conclusion that the model was comprised of eight competency units, which consisted of 25 elements of competency in total and were able to be categorized into three aspects, namely, professional expertise, teaching expertise and collaborative capability. These three aspects contributed to the characteristics that uniquely identified teacherpreneurs for the dual vocational education system in Thailand. The specialist committee figured out that (1) the competency units were consistent with the concept of teacherpreneurship, (2) the elements of competency were consistent with the corresponding competency units, (3) the significance of all the competency units was evaluated and the resulting eight units achieved the highest scores, and (4) the proposed teacherpreneur model achieved the highest overall score, making it the most suitable model.


<span id="docs-internal-guid-aafe269f-7fff-cf71-cf6e-e1f72da66819"><span>Teacherpreneur Model; Dual Vocational Teacher; Competencies</span></span>

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