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Confirmatory Factors Analysis of Learning Style of Computer Major Students Undergraduate at Loei Rajabhat University

Wiches Nuntasri, Charan Sanrach


The research aim to 1) study learning style of computer major students 2) to analyze the confirmatory factors of the learning style of computer major students. The 306 research samples were the students, 2018 semester whose studying computer major in the first year, second year, third year and fourth year students. The samples were computer major in four fields; (1) Computer Education, (2) Computer Science (3) Information Technology and (4) Business Computer at Loei Rajabhat University. The research instruments consisted of five rating scale of 60 items developed from the questionnaire of Grasha and Reichman and test with the reliability coefficient =0.851. The collected data were analyzed to obtain percentage, mean, standard deviation and confirmatory factors analysis. The research findings were showed as follows: 1) the students had the most cooperative learning style, participant style, competitive style, independent style and avoidant style. 2) confirmatory factor analysis showed that the conceptual model of learning styles was consistent with empirical data, Therefore, the university should apply the learning style for teaching and learning management to meet the needs of students


<span id="docs-internal-guid-e98c53fd-7fff-2df5-3912-5eb28be3b2ad"><span>Learning style; Confirmatory factor analysis</span></span>

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