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Utilizing Data Mining Techniques to Analyze Students’ Behavior for Access in Library Services : A Case Study of Loei Rajabhat University Library

Wiches Nuntasri, Charan Sanrach


This research aims to analyze students’ behavior for access in library services using Data Mining techniques with Association Rules from data on access in library services of Bachelor Degree’s students in regular semester in Loei Rajabhat University by academic year 2016 with        4 factors of the services access – number of access, time duration of access, number of borrowed books and accumulated average score, totally 60,013 data sets. There are 3 steps in this research method, namely; (1) Pre-processing is data preparation, data completion, data selection and appropriated data adjustment. (2) Data Mining is step of Association Rule by Apriori algorithm method to analyze behavior of access in library services that influence students’ GPA, and (3) Post-processing, knowledge base from data mining is tested and considered if it is whether. The result revealed that Students with high frequency behavior in access library services, spending more time in the library and more frequent borrowing books are students who have high GPA. And Students who have never borrowed library books Low access to library services Time spent in the library     is low. Is that students with a low GPA. Library access behavior affects students' academic performance. Finally, Library should campaign or arrange the activities to promote and encourage students who have low GPA to access the library increasingly for the students stimulation to pursue knowledge and skills in order to develop themselves.


<span id="docs-internal-guid-4e9c9689-7fff-f1aa-2141-ee0b2504f5ce"><span>Data Mining Techniques; </span><span>Library User Behavior</span><span>; </span><span>Loei Rajabhat University Library</span></span>

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