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The Influence of Corporate Branding, Event Marketing and Innovation toward Customer Loyalty of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand

Thanunkan Somsup, Somdech Rungsrisawat, Bundit Pungnirund


This research aims to 1) study the influence of event marketing and innovationoncorporate branding and 2) study the influence of corporate branding on customer loyaltyof Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand.The samples in quantitative research using the questionnaire, the owners or executives of SMEs in Thailand 280 persons. The samples used in the qualitative research. In-depth interviews, senior executives of SMEs in Thailand 30 persons.The instrument used in quantitative research was a questionnaire. Using techniques of descriptive statistics, the researcher analyzed the data collected in terms of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation of the observed variable and structural equation modeling (SEM) utilizing the linear structural relations (LISREL) 8.72. The analysis of quantitative data from questionnaires. Statistical results of the confirmatory factor analysis showed that the variable is a measure of the fourth variant is corporate branding, event marketing, innovation and customer loyalty are appropriate and consistent with empirical data.It shows that a proper measurement. The results of the hypothesis testing showed that 1) the event marketing and innovation had a direct influence on corporate branding and had a direct and indirect influence on customer loyalty. 2) Corporate branding had direct influence on customer loyalty showed. The results of statistical analysis and in-depth interview data collection. Firstly, corporate branding should focus on corporate reputation. Secondly, event marketing should focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR), press conference, and activity contest. Thirdly, innovation should focus on innovation management, process innovation, and service innovation. Finally, customer loyalty should focus on customer repurchase, word of mouth communication, and price sensitivity.


<span id="docs-internal-guid-9ce83c21-7fff-6310-d6b7-f13d8be23468"><span>Branding; Marketing; Loyalty; Innovation; Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)</span></span>

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