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Strategies to Develop Capabilities for Small Swine Farm Industry In Ratchaburi Province

Jantrarat Kaewsomboon, Jusana Techakana, Taweesak Roopsing


The purposes of this research are to: 1) Study the Components of Capabilities of Swine farm entrepreneurs and 2) Develop strategies for Capabilities of small Swine farm entrepreneurs and individual Swine farm entrepreneurs which their components of Capabilities are divided into 3 parts consisting of knowledge, skills and other abilities. The research was conducted from 315 samples of Swine farm entrepreneurs and related persons. Research instruments are a questionnaire with a total reliability of 0.86. Used statistics are percentage, mean, standard deviation, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Correlation Analysis and Factor Analysis of the key components that affect the development of Swine farm entrepreneurs’ capabilities. The study indicated that the development of Swine farm entrepreneurs’ capabilities in term of knowledge could be divided into 3 parts consisting of 1) Knowledge of swine farm management such as Knowledge of swine farm management and Knowledge of systematic sanitation management in swine farms 2) Knowledge of breeding management such as Knowledge of breeding management and Knowledge of swine’s profile management and 3) Knowledge of piglet production management such as knowledge of animal welfare management and knowledge of swine production planning. The skills could be divided into 2 parts consisting of 1) Skills of swine farm management such as skills to observe and understand abnormal behaviors of swine, skill to analyze and treat abnormalities of swine correctly and Skills of birth assisting and piglet nursing and 2) Skills of farm developing such as Skills of swine sterilization, skills to use tools and equipment for technicians for repairing work in swine’s house and skills to add value to the waste within the farm. Lastly, other abilities consist of the ability of developing knowledge and developing network such as good human relations, associating to build a business network or to exchange knowledge among the entrepreneurs, adaptation to keep up with current situation and exposure to knowledge and the news about swine from expert farmers, academicians, veterinaries and animal husbandmen.


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