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Personal Document Management System Supporting Group Document Management

Gritya Tongpasuk, Thippaya Chintakovid


The purposes of this paper are to present a personal document management system that could accommodate group document management and to present the results of technology acceptance assessment of the developed system. The system was designed based on the prior study of the Thais’ personal document management behavior on computers and the effects of different personal document management strategies on group document management. Main functions of the system are managing documents, searching for documents, and setting system preferences. Fifteen participants, who had participated in the prior study, were chosen by quota sampling from each type of personal document management strategy. Using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), these participants evaluated the level of technology acceptance of the system. The evaluation results showed that the overall perceived ease of use was considered a high level, with an average of 4.43 (SD 0.563). The overall perceived usefulness also achieved a high level, with an average of 4.48 (SD 0.624). The overall behavioral intention to use reached a high level as well, with an average of 4.53 (SD 0.507). When considering each personal document management strategy, participants in every type of personal document management strategy rated high level for all three aspects of technology acceptance.


Document management system, Group document management, Document management            strategies, Document management behavior

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