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Development of Piping System Training Package for Manufacturing Industry

Amorn Seanghirun, Kanlaya Ubontip, Thanarat Taewattana


The research’s objectives were 1) to develop the training package of Piping System Training Package for Manufacturing Industry 2) to find the efficiency of this developed training package 3) to find the achieve result from the study of training participants. The sampling of this research, selected by using purposive purpose method, was 15 pipe fitters and welders who had been working at Know-How Transfer Co., Ltd. being not less than 3 years. The tools of this research consisted of training package based on competencies that having both theory test and practical test. There were four stages of working for this research that were (1) the seeking of necessary competencies for training about piping system in manufacturing’s industry, combined with seven competencies (2) The development of training package by the researcher that was used all seven competencies to transform to be the behavioral objectives in order to identify the target of training, including the design of context, exercise, test and instructional media that is in accordance with the Know-How Transfer Co., Ltd. standard performance evaluation criteria and ASME standard B31.1 (3) The experiment stage (4) the theoretical and practical test result evaluation. 1) The training package, developed by the researcher, could be used for training effectively. 2) This training package had the efficiency at 85.39/88.40, being higher than the set criteria at 80/80. 3) The finding of this achieved result of study showed the evaluation of achieved result in part of practical study presented that all of training participants, who attended this practical test after finishing this training passed the evaluation 100%. Therefore, this research reflected that this training package, being developed by the researcher, had the efficiency leading to make the training participants achieved as the identified objectives.


Developing Training package; Piping work; Piping System Training Package for Manufacturing Industry

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