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Priyanka Chopra wows in swimwear after Nick's romantic birthday gift

by Tobias Edelson (2021-09-28)

Nick Jonas made sure wife Priyanka Chopra had an amazing birthday, getindur even though he couldn't be at her side.

Though the singer, 28, was stuck in the US while his actress other half, 39, was in the UK filming, he still managed to lavish his wife-of-three-years with love.

Proving he was a true romantic, Nick sent the revered Manchester String Quartet to Priyanka's rooftop to serenade her on Sunday.

And the adventure continued the next day, when the couple celebrated three years since he popped the question.

Birthday girl: Priyanka Chopra had a great birthday, soaking in the sun on her pool deck while in the UK

Romantic: Priyanka's husband Nick Jonas sent her the Manchester String Quartet as a gift since he couldn't be with her for her special day