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Discover Salem's Charms: Start Your Adventure At Century House

by Brooks Townsend (2024-04-22)

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Nestled in the heart of Salem, Oregon, Century House provides not just a location to stay, however an entrance to unlimited journey and expedition. Positioned in a prime central location, Century House gives simple accessibility to field trip around the Willamette Valley, the impressive Waterfall Hills, and the impressive Oregon Shore. Whether you're a nature fanatic, a history aficionado, or a cooking lover, Century House functions as the ideal starting point for your Oregonian escapades.

Discovering the Willamette Valley

Salem's main location makes it a suitable center for checking out the beautiful appeal and rich social heritage of the Willamette Valley. From rolling vineyards and prize-winning vineyards to lovely small towns and artisanal restaurants, the Willamette Valley supplies a riches of experiences waiting to be uncovered. Guests of Century House can start wine tastings, farm-to-table eating experiences, and leisurely drives via attractive landscapes, all within very easy reach.

Venturing right into the Waterfall Mountains

For outdoor lovers seeking experience amidst tough surface and breathtaking views, the Waterfall Mountains bid. Just a brief drive from Century House, visitors can immerse themselves in the immaculate wilderness of the Cascades, where treking tracks, scenic point of views, and plunging waterfalls await. Whether it's summiting a hill peak, discovering towering lakes, or simply indulging in the peace of nature, the Cascade Hills offer endless possibilities for exterior recreation and exploration. Browse through this website for more information.

Uncovering the Oregon Coastline

With its rugged coastline, dramatic cliffs, and sandy coastlines, the Oregon Shore is a bonanza of all-natural appeal and seaside charm. From Century House, guests can start a beautiful drive along the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping to admire majestic lighthouses, explore quaint seaside communities, and walk along windswept beaches. Whether it's enjoying the sunset over the ocean, sampling fresh fish and shellfish, or whale viewing from the shore, the Oregon Coast guarantees unforgettable minutes