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How To Create Personalized Content For Social Media Marketing

by Lenore Nuyts (2023-10-14)


Social media keeps growing each year with millions of active users worldwide so does social media marketing. They are so many people who share their content every second, which can sometimes make it difficult for your content to reach your target audience. Even if your content does reach your target audience, it must good enough to lead to engagement. That's where personalization marketing comes in.

51702655377_108bf6ed3d.jpgPersonalized marketing refers to using data and statistics collected over some time about a target audience by a company or individual to share content to the target audience. The content is usually individualized. Personalized content is usually shared with automation tools.

Personalized marketing can be done in so many ways. It depends on the location of the target audience, the way the audience behaves on the website and so forth. Every person behaves differently when they land on your social media profile. That's why it's important to study your audience so you can be able to provide them with what they are searching for.

Personalization is not done only on social media but everywhere you share your content online, this includes websites as well. Each platform may require some adjustments. Sharing the same content on all platforms may not give you the desired results.


1. Increases Brand Awareness- Creating personalized content enables you to create content that has not been created by anyone, which means more people will notice your brand. Your brand will be unique. When you can create and share personalized content, more people become aware of your brand. A good example is Facebook, when you want to run an AD you first have to state where you want your AD to be seen and who should see your AD. Providing such information will help your AD to be seen by your target audience. Personalized content requires time to conduct a complete analysis which most people don't have, that's where a social media agency comes in

2. Increases Shares- Due to the uniqueness of your content, your audience will share your content with their audience and friends on social media. Personalization makes your content share-worthy as it connects with the audience and provides useful information as well. Marketing personalization will help you know what your audience likes and this will be your guideline when you are creating your content.

3. Increases Engagement Rate-Since your content is based on what your audience likes, they are most likely to engage with your content. Engagement can be done by liking and commenting on your content, clicking on the website link on your profile, etc. Potential customers will want to know more about your brand by asking questions about your services or products. There a lot of potential customers on social media who are looking for a solution to their problem, 에그벳카지노 when you create personalized content you are almost there to solving their problems.

4. Brand Loyalty Increases-When you consistently share personalized content. Your audience will trust you because they can connect with your content. It also shows that you care about your audience since you know what they are interested in and what they are looking for. Once they begin to trust your brand, they are most likely going to choose your brand over your competitors. You need to prove to your audience that you can give them what they are looking for before they can be loyal to you.

5. Time On Website Is Increased-Through social media marketing personalization, people will visit and spend more time on your website. Your social media profile is an ideal place to introduce people to your website. People will judge the content on your website based on what you share on your social media even without visiting your website. If they are impressed with what you are sharing on social media then they will visit your website and will be impressed as well. This will reduce bounce rates as your visitors will spend a lot of time on your website.


To create successful personalized content for social media, some things have to be done first, let's take a look at them.

1. Research Your Target Audience-Before you start anything, take time to identify and know who your target audience is and what they like. Find out what interests them, where do they stay, how old are they and what time are they active online. Once you have gathered such details, they will be your guideline when you want to create your content. If you don't know where to search to find out what your target audience likes or are interested in, social media platforms provide insights. These insights will provide you with the information you need to create personalized content and when to share it with it. Most likely all of your target audience won't have the same interest or pattern on social media which is fine, just make sure to keep all of them in mind when you are creating your content so none of your target audience is left out.

2. Select The Right Platform-Once you have researched your target audience, you will know which social media platform they prefer and spend most of their time on. The social media platform they prefer should be the one you should focus on completely but without ignoring the others as well. Knowing what platform they prefer will also help you in creating your content. For example, your audience spends most of their time on Instagram, this means you can share your content on Instagram stories, highlights and even go live and talk to your audience.

3. Manage Conversations with CRM-A CRM (customer relationship management) is needed to monitor and manage conversations with customers online. Replying messages or inquiries on time on social media shows that you care and are attentive. About 45% of people will post a complaint that is replied well by a brand on their profile. Messages or inquiries are best answered within 24 hours. When replying messages, always try to sound human by mentioning the person's name and going the extra mile if necessary by giving extra advice or tip. This will help in building your brand's reputation as you will be perceived as a brand that cares about not only its customers but everyone in general.

4. Polls and Quizzes-Polls and quizzes that are personalized are a good way of making your audience engage with your content. They allow you to be creative and find out what your customers think about your