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Burglar is jailed after police spotted his PERM hairstyle on CCTV

by Nereida Broadus (2024-05-06)

A bumbling burglar put himself in the frame for a series of break ins - after he got his hair permed.

Career criminal John Buxton, 30, had his locks curled after years of sporting a crewcut - and he even showed off his new hairstyle on social media.

When he was freed early from jail following a stretch behind bars, police spotted Buxton's telltale curls when he was captured on CCTV targeting shops and businesses in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

John Buxton, 30, from Offerton, Stockport, had his locks curled after years of sporting a crewcut

Despite him wearing face coverings in some of the raids, officers recognised Buxton in various security footage given to him by a string of victims - one of whom lost £52,000 worth of computer equipment.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, father of three Buxton of Offerton, Stockport who had 57 previous offences on his record, appeared via video link from jail with his hair noticeable straighter.

He was locked up for 29 months after he admitted burglary, attempted burglary and handling stolen goods.

Sentencing Judge John Potter told him: 'Each of these offences has caused loss, inconvenience and significant worry to each of the owners of the business premises that were targeted by you.

'These offences represent another episode in your life where for your own selfish purposes of greed, you have caused harm to others. Bluntly, you are nothing more or less than a corrosive influence on our community.

'You have chose to contribute little, if anything positive in your life to others in the community. If you continue making such a choice, you can expect to go to custody for longer and longer periods.

Pictured is Buxton during one of his previous burglaries for which he was jailed in April 2019

'You were recognised on CCTV and there was loss to the victim, ransacking and in one case a confrontation. You targeted these businesses and used planning to force entry whilst equipped for stealing.'

The court heard most of the raids took place over a 24 day period in September last year after Buxton was freed early from jail from a 16 month stretch imposed the previous April for six burglaries of commercial premises.

During one raid, Catherine Roachford who runs Rhode Island cafe was targeted just minutes after she shut up shop for the day.

She was cashing up in the basement when Buxton broke in and grabbed a £100 cash float before dropping it onto the floor.

Miss Roachford went to investigate the noise only to be confronted by Buxton, who was wearing a mask. She 'panicked' and told him:'please, just leave, please, just leave' and he fled.

Geoff Whelan prosecuting said CCTV showed Buxton's face before he put his mask on a