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The Truth About Plywood Carb

by Ilene Strunk (2024-05-20)

PT. INDOHO, an Indonesian company based in Jakarta, is carving a distinct niche as a leading Distributor and Supplier of Triplek Phenolic Film Face, a multi-purpose product with unmatched quality used in various industrial sectors. This product has become an indispensable tool for modern-day construction, transportation, and manufacturing processes.

Triplek Phenolic Film Face or commonly known as Phenolic Film Faced Plywood is a type of plywood characterized by its wear-resistant surface coated with a phenolic resin film. The film is applied on both faces for superior resistance against moisture, thereby making it the go-to solution to the construction industry's hurdles. They are highly appreciated for their strength, durability, and smooth surface finish.

New-Watermelon.jpgPT. INDOHO has relentlessly committed itself to supply high-quality Triplek Phenolic Film Face, despite the highly competitive industry. The company's immense growth as a reputable distributor supplier can be attributed to its stringent policies and standards to meet clients' expectations in rendering the best quality and service.

The company has worked diligently to position itself at the forefront of the industry by sourcing raw materials from authentic and reliable vendors. It also employs cutting-edge technology and sophisticated machinery to manufacture its products, ensuring they can withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasive materials, and other elements of wear and tear. This durability makes Triplek Phenolic Film Face a smart choice for challenging jobs such as creating temporary structures and surfacing for pre-cast elements.

The principal feature of PT. INDOHO's Triplek Phenolic Film Face is its versatility. Multipurpose in nature, this high-density overlay plywood proves to be an investment that cuts across the construction and transportation sector. From providing solid concrete framework system to bolstering the sturdiness of trailers and trucks, this product has transformed the market with its multiple utilities.

Following strict quality control measures, PT. INDOHO ensures each of their products meets the highest standards. Their team of specialists scrutinizes every manufacturing phase, right from procuring raw materials to the final delivery stages. This dedicated approach guarantees customer satisfaction and consistent growth in their business ventures.

Moreover, PT. INDOHO is strongly committed to sustainability to curb the adverse impact of its operations on the environment. This commitment has led to significant investments in eco-friendly manufacturing processes and waste management systems. They have integrated green practices into their business operations, conforming to Indonesia's environmental regulations and global standards.

Renowned for its meticulous approach in conducting business, PT. INDOHO p