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Have You Heard? Plywood Carb Is Your Best Bet To Grow

by Leonor Scroggins (2024-05-24)

Indonesia's growing infrastructure and construction sector are beholding a transformative revolution in the name of PT. INDOHO – an emerging champion in the distribution and supply of Triplek Phenolic Film Face in the country.

As an industry leader, PT. INDOHO continues to set new standards in the market by introducing innovative and top-quality products. Phenolic Film Face Triplek, also known as Phenolic Plywood, has surged enormously in popularity within the architecture and construction industry due to its durability, versatile usage and affordability.

PT. INDOHO's journey began more than a decade ago as a sourcing company for Plywood, serving various industry niches. Witnessing the surging demands within the Indonesian market for superior quality and affordable construction materials, the firm evolved to specialize in Phenolic Film Face Triplek. Today, it's a household name among construction professionals, architects, and designers alike.

The company takes pride in sourcing ethical and sustainable products, striking a balance between consumer demands and environmental consciousness. PT. INDOHO acknowledges the importance of sustainable practices, offering environmentally-friendly Phenolic Film Face Triplek that complies with responsible forest management guidelines. This step has earned the company recognition and applause from environmentalists and industry leaders alike.

PT. INDOHO's Triplek Phenolic Film Face comes loaded with an array of features like strength, durability, water-resistance and uniform flatness. These properties make it an ideal material for various applications ranging from concrete shuttering, outdoor furniture, vehicle interiors to decorative paneling. Being resistant to chemicals and physical wear, the product promises long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal.

Managing director of PT. INDOHO, while speaking about their product, emphasized, "At PT. INDOHO, our goal has always been to match the evolving needs of the customers by providing a top-notch product that outperforms their expectations. Triplek Phenolic Film Face is a perfect example of this. We strive to maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our business, right from sourcing to customer service."

PT. INDOHO is at the forefront of addressing the dire need for high-quality building materials in Indonesia. Its success isn't merely confined to a robust distribution network and premium offerings. A deep understanding of customers' needs and a commitment to fulfill these have played a vital role in positioning the company as an industry leader.

In PT. INDOHO's pursuit of customer satisfaction, the company ensures an efficient and uninterrupted supply chain. Whether it’s a small order for individual clients or large volume orders for construction companies, PT. INDOHO ensures smooth and on-time delivery.

Although the company's main customers include construction companies, manufacturers, and furniture businesses%2