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Rational Design of Process Simulation Models Using Manufacturing System Design Decomposition

N. Murray, K. Taraman


Design of computerized process simulation models are often an attempt to mimic workings of an existing manufacturing process with as much precision as feasible so that analysis is optimally useful. This modeling may also be applied to processes that are new and do not have a pre-existing physical example. A methodology from Axiomatic Design called Manufacturing System Design Decomposition (MSDD) is employed to define the functional requirements and the design parameters for the processes which are then employed in the design of the process simulation model. By its very nature, the resultant design is lean since the focus is on the specific functions to be performed necessary to the manufacture of the product at the lowest possible cost. Acclaro DFSS software from Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. provides the environment for developing the Axiomatic Design model and Witness software from Lanner Inc. is employed for the simulation environment.


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