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Vol 4, No 2 (2011)

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A CAM controlled machine, one step to make machining as easy as printing PDF
A. Didonato, L. Reader, J. Marin, N. Naksangchun, D. N. Nguyen and F. Vignat 1-8
Setup Time Reduction in an Automotive Battery Assembly Line PDF
B.M. Deros, D. Mohamad, M.H.M. Idris, M.N.A. Rahman, J.A. Ghani and A.R. Ismail 9-13
Integrated Aggregate Production and Marketing Promotion Planning under Uncertainty: A Case Study PDF
P. Yenradee, S. Predawut, P. Rungmanochai and W. Eamcharoenying 15-27
Application of Dilatometry Testing and FE Simulation for Hot Forging Process PDF
V. Uthaisangsuk, S. Apichat and T. Chettaisong 29-35
Genetic Algorithm Based Optimization of Material Removal Rate of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Polymer Composites PDF
Pankaj Balkrishna Tambe and Mukul Shukla 37-42
Improving Product Design through Rapid Prototype as Design PDF
O. Diegel, S. Singamneni, S. Reay and A. Withell 43-48
The Design of a Forecasting Support Models on Demand of Durian for Export Markets by Time Series and ANNs PDF
N. Udomsri, Atthakorn Kengpol, K. Ishii and Y. Shimada 49-65
Model of Long Term Electricity Generation Expansion Planning in Thailand by Load Demand Forecasting PDF
V. Phupha, V. Rungreunganun and K. Pimapunsri 67-74