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Vol 6, No 3 (2013)

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Calculation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Complex Geometries Using a Finite Volume Method in Body-Fitted Coordinates PDF
S. Putivisutisak and S. Prasertlarp 1-9
Characteristic Level Set Method for Solving Motion in Normal Direction Problems PDF
S. Phongthanapanich 11-17
Simulation of Slip Effect with 4:1 Contraction Flow for Oldroyd-B Fluid PDF
N. Thongjub, B. Puangkird and V. Ngamaramvaranggul 19-28
Numerical Simulation of Single and Double Bundle Reconstruction on Knee while Walking PDF
W. Limtrakarn, W. Phakdeepinit and B. Chernchujit 29-34
An Explicit Characteristic-based Finite Volume-Element Method for Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation with Source Term PDF
S. Phongthanapanich 35-44
A Short Review of 2D-Discrete Dislocation Modeling for Fracture/Fatigue PDF
S. Olarnrithinun 45-57
Circular Die Swell Evaluation of LDPE Using Simplified Viscoelastic Model PDF
W. Limtrakarn, Y. Pratumwal, J. Krunate, C. Prahsarn, W. Phompan, T. Sooksomsong and W. Klinsukhon 59-68
Stress Analysis and Validation of Superstructure of 15-meter Long Bus under Normal Operation PDF
S. Lapapong, N. Pitaksapsin, S. Sucharitpwatkul, T. Tantanawat, R. Naewngerndee and A. Phuchamnong 69-74
Study of Shock Tube Problem on Two-dimensional Triangular Grids by means of RoeVLPA Scheme PDF
S. Phongthanapanich 75-81
Adaptive DKT Finite Element for Plate Bending Analysis PDF
P. Bhothikhun and P. Dechaumphai 83-90
Combined Adaptive Meshing Technique and a Characteristic-based Finite Volume Element Method for Solving Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation PDF
P. Theeraek 91-99