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The media surface image construction with technique of reflecting of laser beam

Sarawut Saetung, Paramote Wardkein, Jeerasuda Koseeyaporn



This article presents a technique of image construction for the media surface by using reflecting laser beam. The
intensity of the reflected and scattered laser beam from media will be detected, and stored as a data file in a computer. After that the stored data will be taken to construct the image of media surface in order to demonstrate the shape of the scratches that occurred on the media surface. In addition, the obtained image is employed in the process of the eigenfaces technique. This technique will retrieve the relevant images from the image database based on euclidean distance criterion where the similarity between the inspected image and the retrieved image is identified by normalized cross-correlation. The retrieved image and the obtained information can be used to diagnosis the cause of the damage on the media surface.


scratch, media, laser, surface image

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