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Production Planning and Machine Maintenance Schedule of Dragon Green Energy Company, Limited

Adul Phuk-in


This research has led to the problem of Dragon Green Energy Co., Ltd., a factory that produces tapioca starch with a production capacity is about 25-50 tons per day. The company has encountered problems in total production planning and scheduling maintenance. The research, therefore, developed a mathematical schedule modeling method to solve problems and the development of integrated applications using scheduling rules, Heuristics Genetics Algorithms (GA), and Local Search (L) becoming Integrated Methods (GA+L). The research found that the total production planning in 2022 was close to the actual production measured from (GAP) which was equal to 2.3 tons, with a margin of error of 0.307 percent. The researchers obtained the value of the company's maintenance scheduling with problems of various sizes, which the program can schedule maintenance using the scheduling rules Heuristic method (GA) and combination method. In scheduling results, the lowest makespan value was measured by the good comparison gap (Gap) together with the comparison of the percentage of time when the machine crashed before and after the research. It was found that the mean value between machine failures (MTBF) increased by 25.332% and the average machine downtime was reduced after the research, accounting for 43.928 percent. This research was therefore by the objectives.


Tapioca Starch Production; Total Production Planning; Scheduling Maintenance; Gap

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