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Development of Tutorial Computer Assisted Instruction of Chemistry on Atom and Periodic table via the Internet.

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The purpose of the were to develop, determine quality and efficiency of tutorial computer assited instruction of chemistry on "Atom and Periodic table" Via the Internet, and to compare chemistry achievement prior and after learning by using develped tutorial computer assisted instruction of certificate level students
with the experimental design one-group pretest-posttest design. The samples consisted of certificate level students during the academic year 2011 at in College of Industrial Technology, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok. The subjects were randomly selected by simple random sampling method. The
research instrucments were mine units of computer asisted instruction lessons on the topic of atom-periodic, a questionnaire for quality evaluation of tutorial computer assisted instruction, and an achievement test on atom-periodic. The achievement test was comprised of 50 items. The statistics used for data analysis were
the mean, standard deviation, and a t-test statistic. The designed tutorial computer assisted instruction of chemistry on atom-periodic was virtue met a good quality for lesson contents (X = 4.06) and good quality for media production(X=3.89) The chemistry achievement on atom-periodic of students after using tutorial computer assisted instruction was statistically significant higher then the students prior using tutorial computer asisted instruction at .05 level according to hypothesis.


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