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Buddhist – based Job Security Guideline According to Employer – Employee Functional Relationship, Decoration Industry

Suchat Premsuriya, Somsuda Pupattana, Jularat Wattana


This research has an aim to 1) synthesize activities that follow Buddhist-based work function between employers and employees in the decoration industry 2) study the result of activities based on relationship between employers and employees and 3) propose Buddhist-based Job Security Guideline for employees. The Population were employees with less than 1 year experience in the Bangkok Christmas Decoration Export Company Limited, Samut Sakorn Province. Questionnaires were used to collect data. The set of questionnaires comprise of questionnaires on Job Security of the employees, form of questionnaires on attending the activities, form of interview on behavioral change of employees after attending the activities, diary of good behavior of employees, and form of behavior observation by supervisor. Statistical techniques used in data analysis was frequency. The result of the synthesis activities found that the researcher brought the principle/theory on the six direction and theories concerned with function of work between employer and employee including direct experience from the study on guidelines of arranging supplementary activities for employees to synthesize as activities for the target factory. The result found that employees had better feeling on job security in part of mental dimension. For job security, it was found that the employees have opportunity to change job in relevant with their experiences. The guideline for job security of employees in the decoration industry consist of 3 parts of human development : knowledge, ability and mind. It started from adaptation of mind through moral activities regularly and continuously. Then, the factory arranged career activities for the employees to improve knowledge, ability and skill. Those guidelines of activities would bring about behavior changing. They became good and skillful person with happiness in their work and intention to work. Their performance would be high quality and finally, bring about job security.


Job security; Employer-Employee Relationship; Six direction; Decoration Industry; Employers’/Employees’ Roles

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