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The Educational Impact Assessment of School Transferred to Affiliated Local Organization Administration

Tidaporn Pengnoo, Nopadol Chenaksara


The purposes of this research was to identified the education impact assessment of school transferred to affiliated local organisation administration. The research methodology was Delphi Technique composed of 3 steps: 1) setting the requirement of experts, 2) setting a question for collecting the data, and 3) data analyzing. The Jury of Experts were 17 experts where purposive sampling employed. The instruments for collecting the data were open-ended questionnaire at the beginning stage of this research and five rating scale opinionnaire was used in the second and third stage of this research. The statistics used to analyzed the data were median and interquartile range. The findings were as follows: The educational impact of school transferred to affiliated local organisation based on the opinion of experts shown that there were two dimenion of education impact ; positive and negative impacts. The postivie impact on academies affaiels administration; its shown that there were better developing in academe affaires, more supporting in teaching media and variety local resource. For the negative impact; the school administration emphasised other duties more than academic affaires, and also lack of control cooperate. In the positive impact of personal administration; the school got more adequate teacher as school needed, teacher had more and easier for promoting, teachers got extra bonus at the end of year, teacher had more moral at want. For the negative impact in personnel administration; the local politician used to interrupt school work that made unsuitable for school work. In the positive impact of school finance; there were more supporting from variety organisation local department, local organisation and commanity. For the negative impact in school finance; the school was not authonomus organisation that could not make a self decision on purchasing of school equipment, there was red tape in school finance. Lastly, the positive impact in general school administration; the school got more supported for school plant and environment that cause to a better school environment, its enhance the community more participate, more responsible on school work. In the negative impact in general school administration , some of the local administration had less understood on education administration and also miss concept on education vision some local regulation and laws were not suitable some local administration, some of local politicians emphasized these work on structure constructing more than the education task.


Educational Impact; School Transferred To Affiliated Local Organization

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