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Effect of Performing U-turns in Exclusive Right-turn Lane at Signalized Intersection Based on Passenger Car Size

Yhotsawat Settakulsit, Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan


The objectives of this study are to examine the effect of performing U-turns in exclusive right-turn lanes at signalized Intersections based on passenger car size, to study the relationship between the proportions of U-turn vehicles with an average discharge headway, and to study the effect of position in queue with an average discharge headway. The results of this study found that the right turn equivalent (ERT) values for sedans, pickup trucks and eco-cars are 1.26, 1.35, and 1.29 respectively. In addition, the results have shown that while the proportion of U-turn vehicles increased as the average discharge headway increased, each position in queue was not affected by the average discharge headway of the right-turn vehicle group and the U-turn vehicle group when the light turned green as well. However, the first few vehicles of the discharge queue were affected by start-up lost time, delays from motorcycles, and the individual reaction times of the drivers.


Equivalent for Right Turning; Startup loss time; Average discharge headway

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