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A Development Training Program of Academic Administration System for Science Based Technology College by Result Based Management Using Participation Methodology

Jira Chalearmsak, Pisit Methapatara, Monchai Tiantong


The purposes of this study were : 1) to develop and evaluate the appropriateness of the academic administration system for Science Based Technology College by result based management using participation methodology and, 2) to develop and find the efficiency of the training program. The target group for evaluating the appropriateness included seven specialists. The target group for finding the efficiency of the training program included thirty-five samples consisting of 5 deputy directors of five Science Based Technology Colleges, and 30 teachers relating to academic affairs with 6 teachers from each College.After studying the conditional problems, the researcher, developed and evaluated the appropriateness of the system by the specialists. The validated system was developed into training program and evaluated for the efficiency. The results of this study were as follow : 1) The results of development and appropriateness evaluation of the system showed that the system consisted of major component and six subcomponents ie: 1) Curriculum 2) Learning process 3) Evaluation 4) Instructional media 5) Internship and 6) Co-Curriculum and Learning Resources and the appropriateness evaluation were at very high level on major component while subcomponent was at high level. 2) The results of efficiency evaluation of the training program by CIPP Model were as follows: (1) the context evaluation was at very high level. There was congruent between the training topics and training program. (2) The results of input evaluation showed congruency between all of items and the result of appropriateness of evaluation form was at very high level. The results of using the training program in try-out process showed that the achievement scores of examination and test in theory part was 89.23/82.60 and the average scores in practical part was 93.33 in the average. (3) The process evaluation on the results of achievement scores of examination and test in theory part of implementation was 81.63/84.08 in the average and the average score in practical part was 93.31. The results of satisfaction toward the training program by the trainees were at very high level. (4) The product evaluation on the results of satisfactions toward the using training program in opinion of the directors, deputy directors and teachers were at very high level.


Training Program; Academic administration system; Science Based Technology College Result based Management; Participation methodology

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