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The Model Strategy of Service Marketing for Successful Health Spa Business

Tussachon Phongpakawat, Jirasak Jiyachan


This study comprises four purpose, 1) was to the field of marketing survey, 2) direct effect test of service quality factors, 3) direct effect test of marketing service factors, and 4) design model of strategic to business success. The population consisted of customer who visited Health Spa Business in Bangkok Thailand, 500 sample in qualitative research sampling by Hair et al concept, and quantitative research included 9 specialists to conduct in-depth interview selected by purposive sampling from 3 groups, i.e. business sector, government sector, and academic people. Data were calculated by using percentage (%), mean (X), standard deviation (S.D.) and factor analysis. The text and discourse analyses are supported by text-based interviews with informants from 3 groups based on content analysis to design success model and used in a strategic balanced scorecard system. Overall, these findings suggest that high degree of customer attitudes in service quality, marketing service and business success. The factors analysis focuses mainly on business success include tangibility, response, and empathy in service quality variables showed significant differences. When considering the service marketing among each variable, it is found that variables with direct impact on business success factors include product elements, promotion and education, personal, and physical evidence is the variance at the statistically significant. The dissertation closes by synthesizing the strategies of this study for the successful model of health Spa business follow as balanced scorecard and strategy maps has four aspects: 1) learning & growth – organization must make business networking, and need to participate with government agencies, 2) business processes – business must be development of human capital, and improve of service quality under the global standards, 3) customer – a company's first priority has to be to responsiveness and empathy toward customer, and 4) financial – the sustainable sales growth rate of firm.


Marketing Strategy; Marketing Service; Health Spa Business; Factor Analysis


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