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The Study of Desired Competencies of Vocational Internship Students Based on Enterprise Needs

Chakkrawut Disaeng, Anoma Siripanich, Raweewan Chinatrakul


The objectives of this research were: 1) to study the desired competencies of vocational internship students based on enterprise needs and 2) to compare the desired competencies of vocational internship students based on enterprise needs, depending on the size of enterprises. The samples were 184 staffs working in the electrical and electronics enterprises selected from simple sampling technique. The instrument was opinion questionnaire divided into 2 parts, i.e. core competency or basic competency and functional competency or occupational skills. Statistic used for analyzing including percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test for independents samples. The results can be conducted as follows: 1) The needs of large and medium enterprises towards the core competencies or basic competencies, was mainly on the competency of knowledge and basic skills which effect to jobs and the competency concerning to characteristics which are necessary for jobs, were at high level as well as the needs of functional competencies or occupational skills on both electrical power and electronic fields. 2) The comparison of the competency needs depending on the size of the enterprises showed that the large and medium size enterprises had different core competency or basic competency needs with the statistical significant of .05 following the research hypothesis. As for the functional competency or occupational skills in the fields of electric and electronics, it was found that there is no statistical significant difference.


Desired competency; Vocational internship students; Enterprise needs; Core competency or Basic competency; Functional competency or Occupational skills

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