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The Problems of The Practice of Professional Experience Teaching and The Solutions for Future Improvement Faculty of Technical Education King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok

Kanitta Hinon, Surapan Tansriwong


This research presents problems of the practice of professional experience teaching and the solutions for future improvement. The research is conducted out of the informative surveys from those who are directly involved with the issue. The most crucial tools used for the research are the questionnaire surveys which are divided into 4 sets relevant to those who have impacts on Teaching Professional Experience subject. They are Supervisions, Students practice teaching, alumni and students taught by trainee teachers. The selected candidates completing the questionnaires altogether 385 selected candidates which are about 92.77 percents completed the questionnaires. The questionnaire surveys show that Supervisions are not quite satisfied with the performances of Students practice teaching. The unsatisfactions of the performances are evaluated from the preparation before class and the teaching skill performed in the class. However, Students practice teaching have unarguably agreed that they themselves lack the teaching skills ( = 3.52 and S.D. = 0.9393). The alumni added that Students practice teaching do not pay fully attention to their classes and do not know how to analyze the result of teaching of their colleagues ( = 3.79 and S.D. = 1.1888). Moreover, there is a problem of not sufficient media devices used in the classes ( = 4.43 and S.D. = 0.9794). Another part of the problem is that the supervisor. The survey has shown that the supervisor has standards and attitudes vary greatly ( = 4.11 and S.D. = 1.0467). The results of behavioral assessment during the teaching of student teachers found that students are satisfied in all aspects. The results of the survey, keeping in mind the problems and proposed solutions to the problem should be part of the preparations for both the supervisor and the student teachers in the education sector. Before entering into the professional experiences of teaching. The seminar, to have a consistent understanding of the rules in practice. There are standards for evaluating teachers. The form and the process used for training as well.


Professional Experience

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