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The Design and the Education Effectiveness Training Package of Sale Promotion for Employee of Foods and Beverages Shop

Supawadee Chinwong, Teerapong Wiriyanon


The main purposes of this study were to design a training package for sales promotion employees on drinks and food in workplace and to find its effectiveness. The samples used in the study were 31 sales promotion employees selected by means of Purposive Sampling Technique. The research instruments consisted of a training package, a test, a set of evaluation questionnaires, performance outcomes and a set of satisfactory questionnaires. The One-Group Pre Test-Post Test Design was employed by requiring all the subjects to take a pretest before being trained. Then, they were trained and required to do all exercises in the training package. After the training, they were evaluated by workplace owners on their job performance both before and after the training. They also took the posttest and answered the set of satisfactory questionnaires. The data were then analyzed and it was found that the effectiveness of the training package was 74.36/73.45 which was higher that the set criteria as 70/70. On average, the posttest score was significantly higher than that of the pretest (p = 0.05). Their performance was at good level (mean= 4.29/5.0; S.D.= 0.71) and their satisfaction of the training was also at good level (mean= 4.16/5.0; S.D. = 0.82)


Sales Promotion Employees; Training package

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