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Measurement Model of Service Quality of Sightseeing Bus Tours for Foreign Tourists

Phanuphong Prajongkha, Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha, Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao, Duangdao Watthanaklang


This study aims to find the factors related to the quality of sightseeing tour buses for foreign tourists and to develop a model for measuring the quality of sightseeing tour buses for foreign tourists. The questionnaires were widely delivered to 450 samples in tourist attractions in every region. From CFA, it was found that the composition of tour bus service quality comprised comfort, safety, bus drivers, and bus hostess. From the results of study showed that the developed model were related to the empirical data at the statistic value of Chi-square 205.11, degree of freedom 100 P=0.001 CFI 0.950TLI 0.941, RMSEA 0.048, and SRMR 0.040, it was found that safety and comfort had factor loadings at 0.929, 0.927 respectively. Thus, the reflection of sightseeing tour bus service quality was assumed to be close to each other. The factors measuring safety which should be considered included emergency doors and fire extinguisher tanks with attached instructions. Regarding comfort, the factors included the availability of automatic massage machines, clean and convenient toilets. From The results of this study, the involved organizations can improve service quality to be the same standard in order to provide foreign tourists with impression on traveling and attract more tourists to travel in Thailand by sightseeing tour buses.


measurement model of service quality; foreign tourists; sightseeing tour buses

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