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Development of P-CSDE Learning Model on Digital Communication System Course for Telecommunication Engineering Education

Anurak Mekpayom, Surapan Tansriwong, Somsak Akatimagool


The objectives of this research have 1) to develop a P-CSDE learning model using collaborative learning as a base for engineering education in telecommunications, 2) to develop instructional package based on the P-CSDE learning model of digital communication, 3) to test the performance of the developed P-CSDE learning model and 4) to find out the students’ satisfaction in using the developed P-CSDE learning model. The research procedures are study of the conceptual framework of cooperative learning and design of the P-CSDE learning model. After that, the quality of developed P-CSDE learning model and instructional package was evaluated by 8 experts. Finally, the developed research tools have been used to try out with the 33 sample students at Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi, Nonthaburi campus. The research result shown that 1) the P-CSDE learning model consists of (1) Pre-learning (2) Coaching (3) Sharing (4) Discussion and (5) Evaluation, 2) the developed instructional package are more appropriate (Mean = 4.49, S.D. = 0.59), 3) the performance of developed instructional package was 82.46/80.45 and 4) the students' satisfaction was at high level (Mean = 4.47, S.D. = 0.63), which were consistent with the research hypothesis. The developed P-CSDE learning model and the developed instructional package can be used effectively in the teaching of telecommunication engineering


cooperative learning; digital communication systems; P-CSDE learning model

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