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Thermosyphon Application in Double Layer Pot for Mixing Thai Dessert

Nipon Bhuwakietkumjohn, Thanya Paramethanuwat


This research aimed on I) solves a problem II) support entrepreneur and III) study the application of a two-phase closed thermosyphon (TPCT) in a double layer pot for mixing Thai dessert (TPTD). The TPTD has improved temperature distribution and reduced LPG consumption. Taro root Thai custard dessert recipe (Khanom Mor Kaeng) was selected for this study. A pot the size of 500 mm × 300 mm (diameter × height) was installed with a 16 tubes thermosyphon made up of a 304 stainless steel (AISI 304) tube with 25.40 mm ID. The lengths of the evaporator and condenser sections were 100 mm and 250 mm, respectively. Water was used as the working fluids at a filling ratio of 80% with respect to the evaporator section volume. Experimental data showed that the TPTD gave the lower standard deviation 0.021 with accordingly of 0.90. Consequently, the LPG consumption could be reduced by 3.40 kg/unit. The TPTD using water as the working fluid appeared to have a uniform temperature. Furthermore, the quality of the colour measurement and consideration of texture of the taro root Thai custard dessert recipe exceeded manufacturing standards.


Thermosyphon; Double layer pot and Taro root Thai custard dessert

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