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The Development of Blended Learning Model on Competency-based by Using MIAP Method of Undergraduate Students

Siripon Saenboonsong, Krich Sintanakul


The objective of this research were: 1) to develop blended learning model based on competency plan by using MIAP process of undergraduate students, 2) to study performance of the learners after using learning model, 3) to study the efficiency of using learning model, 4) to find out an effectiveness index after using learning model and 5) to study satisfaction of the students. The sample group of study were 26 first year undergraduate students from division of computer education, Faculty of Education, Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University. The research tools included the competency plan blended with computer graphic design courses, learning management system ClassStart, a quality assessment of teaching and learning, a quality assessment of technical and teaching methods on the web and a questionnaire of satisfaction. The statistic that used in research were the percentage, mean and standard deviation. The result showed that: 1) the blended learning model based on competency plan by using MIAP process consisted of three components as follows: (1) Classroom learning (Face-to-Face) (2) Online learning and (3) Learning achievement. There were a quality evaluation of the learning and teaching in highest level and technical and teaching methods on the web in highest level. 2) Their performances were at highest level. 3) The study also revealed that the efficiency of instruction package has 1.26 in correspondence with the Maguigans’s standard. 4) The learners' knowledge increased 79 percentages and 5) there were satisfied with learning model in high level.


Blended learning; Competency-based Plan; MIAP Teaching method

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