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Development of student preparation model for the stage of career exploration

Metee Pigultong, Krismant Whattananarong


The purposes of this study were 1) to develop the student preparation model for career exploration stage, 2) to develop a coherent student preparation package with the model, and 3) to study the results in the use of student preparation package for career exploration. The samples of this study were 100 students in Mathayom Suksa 2 from three difference demonstration schools of three universities. They were selected by a purposive sampling method. The results of this study showed that the student preparation model for the stage of career exploration called “ICE4 Model” comprised of 4 steps: (1) Inducement step, (2) Career information step, (3) Self-identification step, and (4) Career finding step. The model developed by the researcher was validated the efficiency by using the KW#3 formula for efficiency computation showed the efficiency at 96.67/62.24 which higher than the criterion set at 70/60. The results in the use of developed student preparation package found that there was a significant different between the achievement before and after using the developed student preparation package at the level of .05. However, there was no significant different among the achievement of students after using the student preparation package in the three sample schools at level of .05.


Student Preparation Model; Career exploration Model; Student preparation package

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