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Development of the Three-Dimensional Role-Playing Games Application for Develop Learning Skill of English Vocabulary for Low Knowledge English of Prathomsuksa 2 Students

Prachakorn Promma, Paitoon Srifa


The objectives of this research were 1) to development of the Three-Dimensional Role-Playing (3D RPG) Games Application at the quality was at good level and efficiency 80/80 criteria, 2) to compare the pretest scores with posttest score and study effectiveness Index (E.I) after learning from the 3D RPG Games Application, 3) to study the students satisfaction on the Development of the 3D RPG Games Application. and 4) to study benefits and barriers of the 3D RPG Games Application. The sample group in this research were 30 the second grade students at Wat Laksi (Thongbai Tiwaree Wittaya) School. The students were selected by Multistage Sampling technique. The research tools utilized in this study were Development of the 3D RPG Games Application for Computer Tablet on quality evaluation form pretest - posttest, and the questionnaire. Data were analyzed by percentage, mean, Standard Deviation, and t-test for dependent Sample. The research results were 1) the efficiency of the 3D RPG Games Application was at 80/80 according to the criteria, 2) the students’ post-test scores after studying through the 3D RPG Games Application were statistically significant higher than the students pre-test scores at .05 level and the effectiveness Index : E.I. at 0.55, 3) the students’ satisfaction on the 3D RPG Games Application was at the highest level (Mean = 4.56), and 4) benefits of the 3D RPG Games Application was most benefit because the students concentrate on learning more, learn vocabulary better, use tablet was benefit more, Barriers of the 3D RPG Games Application was school does not take tablets to be used continuously, installing apps were difficult, tablet is not their own.


Three-Dimensional Role-Playing Games Application; 3D RPG Games Application; English Vocabulary Game, Game Application

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