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Signal Analysis with Guitar Standard Tuning and Display MIDI Note on Program Pure Data

Wiritthiphol Taechitkulsub, Soradesh Krujohn, Charun Sanrach


The purpose of this article was to represent how to convert standard tuning guitar signal into MIDI Note and MIDI Note Level. To develop the guitar sound, we use Pure Data program as a programing tool. The developed program divided into 3 parts: Part One, Input part, the function of this part is to receive analog signal input and convert to digital signal. Part Two, signal analysis part, receives digital signal from input part then converts into MIDI Note. And Part Three, Output Part, the function of this part is to identify and classify MIDI Note and MIDI Note Level and display all to console window of Pure data. The result shown that the developed program could Identify and classify Real – Time MIDI Note and MIDI Note Level correctly and quickly.


Pure Data; Patch; fiddle; MIDI; Note

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